"It's impossible to discourage the real writers; they don't give a damn what you say." Sinclair Lewis

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Never Giving Up

So you want to be a writer. You want to see your fabulous story published by a famous New York publishing house. And, of course, you want to get a substantial advance, say somewhere around the $100,000 dollar mark.

There are thousands of writers just like you who are dreaming the same dream as yours, who refuse to think of anything else but getting to the literary top. They believe their story is timeless, a treasure, a total work of art that all editors will clamor to get their paws on.

While on rare occasions, the above scenario might come true for a select few, the odds are against you. The publishing market is tight. Editors are more apt to stick with those authors already making them money than to pick up a new, unproven writer. There is still a chance your work will, indeed, be recognized one day. Perhaps even published. Yes, the chance is small, a tiny droplet in a sea of countless others, but there is always hope.

Knowing your writer vulnerabilities is the first step to becoming a successful author. Being prepared to throw out the hurtful, mean-spirited criticism and keeping the well-meant, right-on, helpful-to-your-career critique is a must for any author. You must learn to recognize the difference so you can deal professionally with either when they arise.

You must have the stamina, the courage, to change your work if what others are suggesting is correct. You must be able to handle rejection after rejection, without taking it personal. You must be willing to resubmit, resubmit, resubmit, realizing what one editor disliked, another might love. You must use editorial rejection letters as stepping stones to becoming that well-loved and admired author you dream of becoming.

You must never give up!

The one thing worse than a quitter is the person afraid to begin.

To be an author takes dedication.

To be a published author takes guts, perseverance, and an ironclad will of self-determination.

To realize your dream, you must take your hope and make it a reality. Other than storytelling talent, all you need for such success is a great set of survival skills.

Happy and successful writing to all of you!

--Charm O'Ryan

The author of The Author and the Cover Model, Charm is a true romantic at heart. She loves to entertain readers by creating imperfect characters and placing them in an imperfect world to see how much trouble they can get themselves into. She juggles the duties of motherhood and the staunch responsibility of being a great "cookie-baking" grandma. Born and raised in Idaho, she lives in Idaho Falls and is hard at work on another novel.


  1. Good post, Charm. Well stated.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Charm. It's a message that never gets old.

  3. Great post! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. No matter what stage we are in our writting, we always need to hear this. This writing biz is a series of starts and stops. With me it's more stops than starts, and I need to hear this message quite often. Thanks, dear friend.