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Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Annual August Picnic - "Smelling the Roses"

Sometimes we need to take time to stop and smell the roses. I had the opportunity to do just that a couple weeks ago. I belong to a small writer’s group made up of writers from Pocatello and Idaho Falls. We usually have a couple of outings a year, a summer picnic and a Christmas party.

This year’s summer picnic was hosted by one of our members at his "Home by the Snake." It’s a beautiful setting reminiscent of what one sees in the most upscale garden magazines. Beds of flowers representing an array of different varieties were tastefully located around the grounds. There were multiple trees to provide shade, a beautiful manicured lawn running down to the bank of the mighty Snake River where a small flat bottom skiff was moored patiently waiting to transport its owner on yet another fishing excursion. A vegetable garden in raised beds flourished in the back yard next to the greenhouse and two compost piles.

Our host’s wife prepared a delicious lunch that not only titillated our palates, but was very pleasing to the eye as well. We partook of our lunch outside on the back patio while our eyes drank in a fabulous view of the Snake River lapping at the grounds just a few yards in the distance. A gentle breeze provided respite from the summer heat, and a Basset Hound puppy of 13 weeks named Lizzie entertained us with her antics.

All in all the day was a glorious respite away from today’s harrowing world. Yes, it was a good day; a day of meeting with friends, enjoying good food, a little wine, and a great deal of camaraderie. Truly a day of smelling the roses.

"Smelling the Roses" by Bill Corbett appeared in its entirety in the Idaho State Journal. Bill lives in Pocatello. He is a two time Associated Press award winning columnist, and writes fiction under the name Will Edwinson. His national award winning book, "Buddy…His Trials and treasures," is available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or by asking for it at your favorite bookstore. Check his web site and blog at www.willedwinson.com. Corbett also writes free-lance for IDAHO magazine.


  1. What a beautiful setting for a gathering. Best of luck to all of you and your new blog. I'll look forward to upcoming posts.

  2. Beautiful garden, and it sounds like everyone had a good time.